Dear friends and family, We want to take this moment to share with you what is happening in the DR Congo. As COVID-19 has affected many lives in the world, Congo has reached over 10.600 cases with 271 deaths. Uvira is dealing the Covid-19 lock down as well as the aftermath of a flooding. Many people lost their homes during the flood with the most affected being those who do not own any house or properties. These people were renting houses, but during the flood, they did not have any other place to go so they took refuge in schools. When the government decided the school had to start, all these families were asked to leave the schools zones. However, nothing was prepared for them and many families are still without a place to stay and we are now back in the rain season. We have been building tent houses for the victims but still a lot of families don't have a place to sleep. As our vocational programs have started, the sewing classes are making baskets for those who are not able to do the sewing school. We are about to receive shipments of Bibles as part of ending bible poverty movement. These Fuliiru language bibles will distributed to church leaders in Uvira and in the mountains villages of Lemera. There is still a big need for the families that are struggling, please take time to pray for them and please also consider sending support. They do need all of us. A quick donation can be sent through PayPal at: and if you do not use PayPal please let know and we can see other options that are possible with you.